Why should I attend the Men’s Advance?
It is a great fellowship and learning event for men of all ages. It helps focus us men on not only men’s ministry, but it also gives us tools for use as we build our relationships in all settings.
What can I expect?
In addition to fellowship there are interesting speakers on topics of interest. There is a time for outdoor activities and games or just time to lie down and rest. Food is fantastic and all provided.
What are the registration fees?
  • Weekend – 5 meals, 2 nights lodging: $150
  • Saturday only – 3 meals and program: $85
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What is included in my registration fee?
Lodging for two nights (three if you participate in the Thursday workday), all meals, wine, beer and cheese and crackers in the evenings and all the fun you can have.
What about the Work Day…what’s that all about?
El Camino Pines always is in need of sprucing and fixing. Pastor Glen has a list of things that need work. It’s completely optional but lots of fun and you meet people you will hang with the entire weekend. Click for more details
Who should I call for additional information?
For further information contact Bob Huhn, Trinity Lutheran Santa Barbara bob1huhn@cox.net cell 805-886-4457